INTERVIEW: Molly Ackhurst

With the final version of the documentary nearly there, I’ve had a quick look back at some of the clips that i couldn’t include in the documentary (it’s only 7 minutes, and to include everything that i’d want to would take a lot longer than that).

Therefore, i thought it would be a good idea to put some of my favourite clips from the various voices that will be in the finished documentary onto the blog, so that you don’t miss out on anything.

First up, is Molly Ackhurst.

Molly works for Hollaback! London, which i mentioned in a previous post very early on in the stages of production, but just in case people don’t know i can’t remember, Hollaback! is a worldwide collective that is working to put an end to street harassment through the use of story telling. If you head over to their one of their websites (depending where you are in the world) you will see that the page is full of women’s accounts of their experiences with sexual harassment.

Molly was incredibly insightful, and it was clear that she knew a lot about, not just street harassment, but the history of misogyny as a whole, and had some points that really made me think. Here are some of the clips that i’d like for you to hear:

Here, Molly explains the link between street harassment and sexualised violence and other forms of gender based harassment:


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