UPDATE: Survey and final edit

Happy New Year!

I’ve received feedback from my supervisor, so this final week is going to be spent tweaking little bits here and there, with the aim of finishing the final documentary by Sunday. (I’m praying it will be finished on Sunday, because my Adobe Audition trial runs out on that day, and i can’t afford to pay for it just for 2 days).

The feedback included notes that said i need to clear up some bits that aren’t all that clear, including the relationship between misogyny and street harassment, as well as the fact that the documentary is only focusing on street harassment rather than the several forms of misogyny.

I am also just waiting on a few more responses to my survey, but i am really pleased with the responses that i have received so far. It’s been really interesting to hear why women think street harassment has become so normalised in today’s society!

So far the overall results are leaning towards the notion that most women experience street harassment every so often, but that cat-calling is the main form of harassment that they receive. It’s also clear that street harassment makes women feel incredibly uncomfortable and unsafe, and most of the responses say that they believe that making misogyny a hate crime nationwide in the UK will make women feel safer.

I will be writing a few more blog posts before the final week is out, with the final results from the survey as well as some further research that i’ve carried out on the topic of the documentary.

I’m excited to get the final edited version done and out there, so people can hear what i’ve been working on finally!



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