UPDATE: Draft has been sent!


Apologise for the scarce updates recently, but after a brief battle with sickness over the weekend, i have finally sent a rough draft version of my final documentary to my supervisor (although emphasis on the rough because i’ve still got a lot more to do before i can get a final version that i’m happy with).

I’m hoping to receive feedback from that later on today, at which point i can tweak where needed.

I’ve still got one more interview to do on Thursday morning with Melanie Jeffs, director at the Nottingham Women’s Centre, who was the one who pushed for misogyny to become a hate crime in the region. It will be interesting to hear about the experience she had whilst campaigning for this change.

I will write a blog post either later on tonight or at some point tomorrow with an outline of the feedback that my Supervisor has given me. But once this final interview is done i can finally look at putting the whole thing together, with the aim to finish by next weekend at the latest.

That’s it for now, but keep checking back in the next week or so as i will be posting my final version of the documentary up soon!



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