Update: Interview with Sue Fish

I had a very insightful and interesting interview with Sue Fish, the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police, on Tuesday. Nottinghamshire is the first region ever in the UK to treat misogyny as a hate crime – an incredible feet, and hopefully lighting the way for more police forces to follow suit.

We spoke about how the change in policy came into talks and how it was implemented earlier this year; how the change in policy has impacted on the local community (women especially); as well what needs to be done in order to make misogyny a hate crime nationwide.

Sue is retiring in March of next year, but said that from now until then she will be committing herself to doing as much work as possible in order to bring this change a step closer to being undertaken nationwide.

I have already edited Sue’s clips, and i will be spending the next few days putting together a draft version of the final documentary; which i will be getting feedback on at some point next week.

Unfortunately, not every clip from her interview can be included in the final documentary, and it is the same for every interview. Because of this, i wanted to include some of the clips that i think are important and interesting on the blog, so that you can hear more from Sue, and understand a bit more about the topic of treating misogyny as a hate crime and the issue of misogyny as a whole from her.

Sue explains how the police force decided to treat misogyny as a hate crime in the region:

Sue talks about the support received from men, and how the press reported this news:

Sue’s thoughts on why she thinks misogyny hasn’t been treated as a hate crime until now:

I ask Sue why she thinks misogyny has become so normalised and a regular occurrence in the UK:


That’s all for now, but as always, check back regularly to keep up to date with the progress of this radio documentary.



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