Reclaim the Night!

Last Saturday, i attended the Hampshire Reclaim the Night march along with many others (both women and men) in order to raise awareness of sexual assault and street harassment in the area.



Before the march took place, there was a speakers event held at the Art House Cafe in the town centre, where i set up camera and listened to a number of women from different backgrounds and jobs. They all held one thing in common though, which was dedicating their life or at least, a lot of their time, to raising awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence and to helping women who have been affected by either issues.

The women came from local organisations and spoke about what it is that they do, as well as showing everyone some shocking statistics on sexual violence and assault in the Southampton area.

There were also two women performing poems written by themselves. One girl, who is also a domestic abuse survivor, voiced two amazing poems related to her own experiences.

After the speakers event i joined the rest of the protesters half an hour before the march was due to start, and i spoke to six women attending on their own experiences with street harassment and why events such as this are so important to combatting the issue.


The turn out for the march was incredible, and the chanting never stopped (except once when we had to go through a residential area). For an hour, people were chanting things such as “what do we want, safe streets, when do we want it? NOW”, “Hey, Mr. Keep your hands of my sister”, “Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes and no means no”.

The march took place in Southampton at 7.30pm, and we marched through most of the town centre, although i lost track of where we were for quite some time.


I managed to record a lot of the chanting whilst marching, which i think will be good as wildtrack for some segments of the documentary. I also got a few photo’s from both the speakers event as well as the march.

You can see all of the pictures from the night in the gallery. I am now in the process of editing the video footage that i recorded; and once they are all done i will post them up on here so that you can see some of what happened on the night.

Until then,



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