Update: Interviews

Interviews are well on the way for the main body of the documentary, and i am excited to see how they all sound in the finished version!

I have interviewed Molly Ackhurst, who works for Holdback! London; which is a collective with routes all over the world that work towards ending street harassment. She had some really good information concerning not only street harassment but harassment in all its forms, as well as acts of misogyny within the UK, and it was interesting to hear about what Holdback! is doing to help combat the issue.

I have also interviewed Martha Jephcott, who is a Misogyny Hate Crime Trainer and was involved in the training of the Nottingham Police Officers earlier this year.

I have set up interviews with Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police, Sue Fish, on 16th December; and i will be speaking to the forces Hate Crime Manager, Dave Alton, on the 20th December (quite late in the game, but he’s going to be a really important addition to the documentary so it’s worth being late home for Christmas!)

I am planning to head to the Hampshire Reclaim the Night march on 26th November as well to record some video footage of the march, as well as a speakers event. I’m planning to record some interviews with some protesters to hear about their experiences with street harassment, as well as some wild track of the chanting.

I am also in the process of setting up interviews with Melanie Jeffs, who runs Nottingham’s Women’s Centre and headed the push to make misogyny a hate crime in the region. I will also be speaking to a student named Sophie, who will be sharing a scary experience she had, with a man who followed her.

I will keep you updated with each!



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