It’s not a compliment campaign

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update on the documentary side of things: an interview with Molly Ackhurst from Hollaback London (which is a worldwide collective that is working to stop street harassment) has been set for Sunday 13th November; so not long to go now!

It will be great to include a voice of someone who is actively working to end street harassment in all it’s forms, and i’m sure she will have some great points to put forward.

In the meantime i thought i’d talk about a petition that i recently came across that was set up by a woman called Cerian Jenkins, and it’s called #NotACompliment.

The petition is calling for England and Wales police to include misogyny as a hate crime on a nationwide level – and has gained over 50,000 signatures so far. A Twitter hashtag was quickly set up, which allowed women to tweet their experiences with misogyny and harassment in protest against street harassment.

It’s interesting to see that so many people are behind the steps that Nottingham Police have taken in order to include misogyny as a hate crime in the region. But this is just one police service out of many in the UK that has actively changed it’s policy to do this – so we will see if many more follow in the regions footsteps.

Through much of my research into this, i’ve seen that making change at a police level in regards to helping combat misogyny and harassment has allowed women to feel safer in their own community when it comes to everyday life. Quotes from those that have headed this change in policy, and from those who have campaigned for it, have focused on the fact that women now know that if they walk down the street and encounter a┬áman that decides to start following them and/or shout sexual comments etc., that they can then report it to the police and have action taken rather than just ignoring it all together.

It is unclear whether this petition will gain the signatures necessary for it to be considered for debate in parliament, but none the less, there is clear support from many to make misogyny a hate crime nationwide.

As always, i will keep you updated on any progress in the coming days/weeks!



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