The long road ahead…


The documentary will be 7 minutes long, and will include relevant interviews with some of the UK’s leading charities and organisations that aim to combat misogyny and work towards a nation where women are equal to men in all respects.

I am in talks to interview a woman called Molly from Hollaback London; which is a non-profit international movement aimed towards ending harassment in public spaces. I plan to speak to her about the collective, as well as her thoughts on Nottingham Police’s policy change to include misogyny as a hate crime in the region, and on misogyny and harassment in general.

I also plan to interview Martha Jephcott, who is a misogyny hate crime trainer and actually trained Nottingham police officers during the trial earlier this year so that they could adequately recognise acts of misogyny and treat them for what they are – hate crimes.

I have contacted a number of other charities for interviews, including the National Alliance of Women’s Organisations, the End Violence Against Women Coalition, and Stop Hate UK.

In the meantime i am continuing my research into the subject, which i am finding very interesting. The stats that i have read so far are really quite shocking, and show just how prevailing misogyny and harassment is in the UK; especially for young women.

One piece of research that i found particularly interesting was from Hollaback themselves – who collaborated with Cornell University in the US in 2014 and started a large-scale research survey on street harassment worldwide. This survey was the largest analysis of street harassment to date, with over 16,600 respondents taking part.

The info graphic below shows the full study, created by Hollaback and you can also fidn it on their website at:


More updates on The Road to Misogyny to come – stay tuned!



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